Foreign citizens held in custody in Spain for money laundering were contradicted

The legal counselor of Panama lawyer Ismael Gerli Champsaur, refuted any attacks and denied any accusations for alleged swindle and fraud reportedly filed during the last weeks by the KokorevMaleeva family, arrested in Spain under charges and accusations of money laundering.

Rogelio Arosemena, counsel for the defense of Gerli Champsaur, claimed that the attacks made and statements given were part of an intimidation strategy aimed to prevent his client from appearing before the Spanish courts and make declarations as a witness within the proceedings brought against the KokorevMaleeva.

Arosemenadisclosed that the couple of Russian origin and nationalized Spanish, Vladimir Kokorev and Julia Maleeva, where arrested in September 2015 in Panama and extradited to Spain to face a proceeding for allegedly laundering $30 million, as they are being considered the front men of a former President of an Equatorial Guinea country.

Journalists have been “useful fools” and have made themselves of service to a group of local lawyers whose intentions were to “spread” a series of “”false and baseless” information against my client Gerli Champsaur; the only thing he did was to provide his professional services to the Kokorev couple.

The defense attorney indicated that his client gave his unconditional support to the Kokorev family when they arrived to this country and inclusive offered them his offices so that they would be able to comply with the requirements demanded by the authorities with the purpose of obtaining the residency.  In this respect, there is a purchase-sale contract entered into regarding the use and lease of the offices of my client.

The contract bears the signatures of Gerli Champsaur and Vladimir Kokorev and all the moneys contributed by the foreign citizen were entirelyreturned to him by my client.  “The Kokorev family is the one in delinquency with Gerli Champsaur and I can assure you that as of this date they owe him the amount of $800 thousand”, stated Arosemena.

“How would my client have the power to carry out the extraction of the Kokorev and have a money laundering proceeding brought against them”, indicated the attorney when stating that his client was indeed required by the Spanish authorities and testified before them and answered to their questioning.  At present he has been asked again to declare and that is why they do not want him there”, said the lawyer.

Arosemena also called “false and unfounded” any reports about his client Gerli, regarding the alleged sale by one of his companies of estate 68326, registered in document 940914, location code 1801, located at Global Tower Building, 50 Street, to an entity known as Palm River Foundation for the amount of $305 thousand.


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